The Ketogenic Cookbook & Diet

Over 100 Nutritious Low Carb Recipes & 4-Week Ketogenic Diet Plan

By Katherine Johnson

Size: 7.5 x 0.5 x 9.2 inches
Pages: 220
Publication: July 2017
ISBN: 978606944040

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Sadly, we have been given bad advice about diets for centuries now. Doctors, healthcare providers, and even nutritionists have believed and taught that “fat” is the number one problem in our diets.

The Ketogenic Diet will show you that eating good fats are not bad, but are, in fact, good for you. Conversely, all of those carbohydrates disrupt the metabolic system creating a crisis for our insulin and blood sugar.

The Ketogenic Diet promotes healthy living at its core. It helps one lose excess body fat in record time to start enjoying a happier life. This diet redefines healthy eating habits, and the fantastic thing is that it works. In addition to losing weight, there are a ton of health benefits.

This is the diet that you need to try if you want to live a longer life, remain in optimum health and also cut down on excess body fat. To guide you, this book features a selection of recipes that will help you through the Ketogenic Diet.

In addition, you will also find a detailed four-week plan that offers insight on what you need to do to get the most out of this diet. Read through this book carefully and get a good understanding of how the Ketogenic Diet is different and why it can work for you.

Live your best life and try out the Ketogenic Diet.

Katherine Johnson

- About the autor -

Katherine Johnson is a busy mother with two young children whose demands take up most of her time. 

As well as managing their diets, she was struggling to lead a healthy lifestyle. Committing to an effective weight loss regime is hard enough without being a parent and with other stresses can be nearly impossible.

For five years Katherine johnson couldn’t juggle the demands and various stresses in her life so was unhealthy and unhappy. She tried various traditional diets and health plans but could not find the right one to fit her busy daily life.

All this changed when she discovered the Ketogenic diet.

Once Katherine Johnson committed to the Ketogenic diet she saw her own life and body transformed. This was the amazing secret she had discovered and now wanted to share the inspiring transformative results with the world.

Katherine Johnson writes her own blog where she now regularly shares her recipes with readers and helps people overcome their own weight loss challenges and health issues. 

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